HOW WE WORK        (**Next grant deadline: May 24, 2017)

•  Baby Quest Foundation is a completely volunteer 501 C (3) charity.  All donations are tax deductible.
•  Our goal is to control administrative costs to allow a large percentage of donations to go directly to those in need.

         Baby Quest receives hundreds of applications each cycle. We are limited by the amount of funds that are donated. We strive to be diverse in regards to ethnicity, sexual orientation, and geography.  Please know that we CANNOT fund all those who apply.



• Baby Quest funds a range of procedures including egg and sperm donation, egg freezing, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, embryo donation, and gestational surrogacy.
• Applicants can live anywhere in the United States.
• Grants are available to same sex couples, singles, and heterosexual couples.
• Grant recipients may go to their physician/clinic of choice, providing it is an accredited fertility facility within the United States.
• There is no fundraising obligation for applicants or recipients.
• Baby Quest’s prime focus is to provide financial assistance (grants for fertility treatments).
• We are not an information dissemination agency, nor do we recommend physicians or procedures.
• Baby Quest staff members have personally dealt with infertility issues.
• Baby Quest does not reimburse for procedures already begun.
We seek those who must have financial assistance to pursue treatment.


• The Baby Quest staff welcomes questions about Baby Quest and/or the application process. However, we ask that you follow the procedure below so that we may be able to help you in the fastest and most efficient manner.
• Read the content of our website carefully.
• Formulate your questions and email them to us at:
• Within 24 hours, we will respond to your concerns via email.
• If, after this, you still have questions, please send us your phone number telling us a convenient time when you can be reached and we will contact you.

For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page Here.