Our History

Pamela Hirsch Co-Founder

PamelaPicFor nearly three years, I watched my daughter endure countless procedures successful IVF’s ending in miscarriage, uterine surgeries, and hormone injections. Each attempt ended in heartbreak. Our story has a happy ending, however, because we were able to help with the cost of hiring a surrogate. I think of how fortunate we are each time I set my eyes on our two adorable granddaughters.

One morning late in 2011, I woke up suddenly and had a troubled thought.  Suppose we couldn’t have helped Nicole and Josh financially? How would I have dealt with the inability of my daughter to have her own child simply because the procedures were too costly and not covered by insurance? This would not be acceptable. And … therefore, Baby Quest was born.

It is not easy to battle the demon of infertility. We are up against insurance companies who refuse to cover the costs of physicians, labs, and medications. Whereas there are private groups and governmental agencies that deal with adoption and foster children, there are few companies, if any, that fund procedures for physical intervention in pregnancy.

If you know someone who has been touched by infertility or if you cannot imagine life without your children or grandchildren, I hope you will support us with a contribution.

Nicole Lawson Co-Founder


Like many young females, I pictured myself going to college, beginning a career, meeting a great partner, planning a storybook wedding, and eventually having children. At 28, I was well on my way, having become a television executive with a wonderful husband and living in a cute, modest house with a white picket fence.  My plans were on schedule until I tried to have a baby.

Three years later, my body was riddled with hormones and fatigued from several IUI (artificial insemination) attempts, three successful IVF’s each ending with a miscarriage, and two invasive uterine surgeries. I was then confronted with the ugly truth:  I had a uterus that would most likely not allow me to carry the one thing I wanted so badly in the world. Years of tears and anguish had left my husband and me frustrated and without savings to continue our pursuit.

Our desperate journey then took a positive turn. With financial support from parents, my husband and I hired a surrogate to carry our biological child.  Today several years later, as I look at our two beautiful daughters, each carried by a surrogate, I realize we were the lucky ones.  With money, we escaped our nightmare.

For me, the fulfillment of my dream as sweet as it may be is also unsettling. I understand the anguish felt by so many who cannot afford to pursue even the initial fertility procedures that could aid conception.

In my current work as co-owner of Abundant Beginnings, a Los Angeles based surrogacy agency, and as co-founder of Baby Quest, I understand the necessity of making assisted reproduction a reality rather than a dream.