Megan & Anthony

Megan and Anthony – Savannah, Georgia

Anthony and Megan thought getting pregnant would be easy. They thought after Anthony came back from deployment, it would just happen. After trying for a year, they sought help from a specialist. From an early test, they thought the trouble was a male factor.  To be safe, they tried all their options and first started off with an IUI. This ended in failure. After a myomectomy, they believed IVF would work. Sadly after two attempts of IVF, the doctor realized that Megan had an egg quality problem and recommended using donor eggs. The next challenge they faced was how to fund this procedure. Once they did some research and learned of Baby Quest, Megan applied and crossed her fingers. Now they are waiting to find a donor who can help them realize their dream of becoming parents.

Megan is currently pregnant with triplets…all male…and is expected to deliver in early August 2019. Her husband is currently deployed but hopes to be home for the birth.