Lindsey & Ron

Mickler twinsMilesandChandler-35copy1-2 Mickler miles chandler

Lindsey & Ron with twins, Chandler & Miles – Cleveland, OH

Second time Baby Quest applicants, Lindsey and Ron,  tried to conceive for 3  1/2 years.  With Lindsey’s PCOS and Ron’s Varicoceles working against them, the odds of conceiving naturally were extremely slim.  After being told by their physician that even IUI would likely not work, they were confronted with the high cost of IVF as their only viable option to conceive.

“With almost a 0% chance to conceive naturally, 40 months of negative pregnancy results, and absolutely zero insurance coverage, there were a lot of statistics against us in this journey.  Now Baby Quest has given us that chance to be pregnant!  This foundation was the answer to our prayers and we will be forever grateful!”  

Chandler and Miles were born on December 16, 2015