The American Society of Reproductive Medicine defines infertility as follows:

  • Infertility is the result of a disease (an interruption, cessation, or disorder of body functions, systems, or organs) of the male or female reproductive tract which prevents the conception of a child or the ability to carry a pregnancy to delivery. The duration of unprotected intercourse with failure to conceive should be about 12 months before an infertility evaluation is undertaken, unless medical history, age, or physical findings dictate earlier evaluation and treatment.


All Baby Quest Applicants:
  • Must demonstrate overall good physical and mental health and have no medical conditions that would pose a serious risk to themselves or, in the case of females, the child they would carry (e.g. active acute infections.)
  • Must maintain adequate living arrangements (must lease or own a residence.)
  • Must possess means to offer continuing child support (at least one partner must maintain employment.
  • Must have basic health insurance for mother and baby with sufficient prenatal coverage.


Female Applicants
  • Each Baby Quest application is reviewed individually. Rather than setting an age limit for various procedures  (for example, requiring a female to use donor eggs after a specific age), we rely on the recommendation of both the applicant’s reproductive specialist and the opinion of the physicians on our selection committee.  Decisions are subjective and difficult due to the number of applicants.
  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the many aspects of infertility. This link contains information that might be helpful:


Male Infertility:
  • We accept applications from those whose infertility issues are male related.  When applying, the female partner should be listed as the applicant. The reproductive specialist must document that the issue preventing conception is male related.


Same-Sex Couple/Singles:
  • We realize our application is geared to heterosexual couples.  Singles and same sex couples should complete the application and be sure to add any other relevant details in the personal statement.
Genetic Issues:
  •   Baby Quest accepts applications from those who require ivf with pgd (genetic testing) to    eliminate passing along  heredity diseases.