About Baby Quest

We help fulfill the dream of parenthood

Baby Quest was born from one young woman’s struggles to have a child.

However, her story is far from unique. It is a story shared by one in eight women—most of whom never dreamt that having a baby would be so difficult. With the high costs of assisted reproduction, a solution to infertility is often out of reach, allowing financial need to prevent many from becoming parents.

It is not easy to battle the demon of infertility. Those affected are up against insurance companies who refuse to cover the costs of physicians, labs, and medications. There are military veterans – even those injured in battle – who have been denied coverage. Many cancer survivors, robbed of fertility because of chemotherapy, cannot receive insurance benefits for fertility. Beyond the emotional and physical despair brought on by infertility, there is the impact of not being able to afford treatment.

Baby Quest has grown one grant, one IVF, one new baby at a time. More than anything, our grant program offers hope to many who feel lost. Only with community support can we continue to offer this hope to more recipients each grant cycle. 

Baby Quest is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

Meet the Team

Pamela Hirsch, Co-Founder

Pamela Hirsch brings years of business expertise to her position as Co-Founder of Baby Quest Foundation.

Prior to establishing the non-profit charity, Pamela was one of the original franchise owners of The Princeton Review, a national test preparation company.  In 1993, she was named to INC Magazine’s Top 500 List as head of one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Pamela holds a B.A. in French and Spanish from the University of Illinois and a Master’s in French from Santa Clara University. 

Nicole Lawson, Co-Founder

Nicole Lawson’s experience in the field of infertility began as a personal journey to conceive.

Prior to co-founding Baby Quest Foundation, Nicole was a television executive, overseeing liaisons between network and local affiliates. Nicole is also the co-owner of Abundant Beginnings Surrogacy where she provides both a personal and professional outlook for her clients.

Nicole holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Arizona.

The Baby Quest Board of Directors

Julie AllgoodCo-owner, Abundant Beginnings Surrogacy

Leyla BilaliIVF Coordinator, RMA/NY; Founder, Fertility Together

Lindsey Carter:  Founder, SetActive

Alexis L. Cirel, Esq.: Practice Leader, Fertility Law Group of Warshaw Burstein LLP

Marni Denenberg: Donor Assisted Reproduction & Adoption Specialist – Carrot Fertility

Adam Hait: Founder/President, Schraft’s 2.0 and Get Pixel

Tiffany Hallgren Crook: Founder, TLC Infertility and Donor Services

Pamela N. Hirsch: Co-founder of Baby Quest

Karen Jeffries: Comedienne, blogger, Hilariously Infertile

Dr. Marc Kalan:  Los Angeles Reproductive Center, Los Angeles, CA

Allison Kasirer: Founder, FertileGirl; Robyn;  Corp., former VP J.P. Morgan

Dr. Lowell Ku: Medical Director, Dallas IVF

Alexandra Landy: Executive Vice President, JRK Property Holdings

Nicole H. Lawson: Co-owner, Abundant Beginnings Surrogacy; Co-founder of Baby Quest

Amanda Lewis: Producer, Original Film; women’s health advocate

Dr. Fred Licciardi: NYU Langone Medical Center

Alissa Jacob Matkovich: CEO, Stacked X Reservoir

Lindsey Mickler: Founder, Organization with Style; grant recipient, BQ Social Media Manager

Rose Kesten Pondel: Founder, Family Formation Law Center, Santa Monica, CA

Daniel and Emily Sands: Real Estate Investor

Dr. Lora Shahine: Pacific Northwest Fertility Center; author of Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy

Bruce TenenbaumWealth Management Adviser

Heather H. Tonkins: Nutritionist, IVF patient

Ellen Trachman: Trachman Law Center