Donate & Support

Help us make a wish come true.


Donations are the key to our existence. Since Baby Quest, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, has little overhead (no salaries are paid), nearly every penny goes to recipients.

Contributions can be made online, through the button below, or by mailing a check to:

Baby Quest Foundation
149 S. Barrington Ave. #112
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Donations to Baby Quest can also be made via stock transfers.

Supporters can also add to their contributions by participating in a matching funds program if one exists at their place of employment.

Recipients Tonya & Anthony with Austin and Ashton, born August 2015

Recipients Mang & Derek with Nathaniel, born January 2014

Attend an event—or host one

Baby Quest periodically holds “galas” in Los Angeles or New York. We welcome those who want to participate on the planning committee.

With Baby Quest grant recipients located in many U.S. cities, volunteers can come together to organize events such as hikes, walks, restaurant nights, etc.

Baby Quest receives support from many who choose to ask guests to donate to the charity in lieu of gifts for a birthday, shower or baby’s birth.

We can assist with this by creating a link to a special page on our website where guests can submit donations.

See our Events page for more information.

Corporate Sponsorships

 Baby Quest receives support from various corporations.

These contributions may come in the form of monthly donations, support for a particular event, or contribution of products such as medications.

Company logos are included on our website and periodically, we include “shout outs” on social media featuring our partners.

See the Donors & Benefactors page for more information.  

Recipients Kristi & Juan, with Damon (born Nov 2016) & Elaina (born Jan 2019)

Recipients Michelle, who lost her leg in Baghdad, Iraq, and Bryan with their son David

Social Media

Baby Quest recognizes the importance of social media to reach our target audience.

Baby Quest welcomes social media influencers who post periodically about our grant deadlines and upcoming events. They allow us to expand awareness of infertility and start a conversation about a topic that has long been neglected publicly.

We are happy to provide sample posts to help influencers and activists spread the word.

No matter how large or small your following, contact us to learn how you can take part in our quest.

Special Grant

Several Baby Quest supporters have established yearly grants – one for surrogacy and another for an applicant suffering from endometriosis.

Both grants are administered by Baby Quest. 

Those who have “donated” the grant determine if they prefer to remain anonymous or want to maintain communication with the grant recipient. 

Recipients Lindsey, a PCOS patient, and Ron with Chandler and Miles, born in December 2015

Grant recipients Stephanie and Doug, a cancer survivor, with their daughter Eleanor

Operation Baby Quest & Cancer-Survivor Grant

Baby Quest awards one grant per cycle to military personnel – either past or present. 

We also plan to establish a yearly grant to a male or female cancer survivor—one who lost his/her fertility because of chemotherapy (although we have done this routinely, we are establishing this as a permanent practice.) 

We are looking for supporters with ties to organizations in the military or cancer-related fields to assist with our fundraising.