Baby Quest Champion Jenn

Nov 29, 2018

“As you may have seen, the Baby Quest Foundation Fundraiser I launched through Facebook raised $1,895.

The fundraiser not only generated support for your foundation, but proved to give comfort to those currently fighting infertility and gave voice to those with previous struggles. Additionally, I shared my own journey for the first time briefly in a public blog entry with the hope of encouraging others through dark days (Click here to read!)

The 13 pacifiers you will see were attached to 13 bracelets that said “dream”, “faith”, “courage”, “love”, and “hope”.  I dedicated each mile in the race to a different family/person who has or is currently going through infertility obstacles.  This included the recipient(s) of the Baby Quest Foundation’s grant who I don’t know, but will benefit from the funds raised “

– BQ supporter, Jenn