Cheryl & Bill Gift Page

As you know, we have faced so very many challenges to reach this day. Throughout all of our struggles, we have been fortunate to have your love and support – the most valuable gifts you could have provided. We are truly blessed.

Now, as we await the arrival of our long-awaited baby, we want to pass along our good fortune to others who are still battling infertility. We feel very fortunate that we have had access to financial resources to help us build our family, but not every person who wants to fulfill this dream is able to. We are asking that, instead of giving us a gift, you would consider donating to Baby Quest Foundation. Baby Quest is a charity that awards financial assistance for in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy.

Since 2012, Baby Quest has awarded 62 grants and has “produced” 35 babies with 15 more on the way. We want to give the opportunity to others so they may experience the same joy we feel today. With your help, that will be possible.


Grant recipients live throughout the U.S. There are those like Kelly and Roger who needed a surrogate because of Kelly’s history of cancer which, in her 20’s, robbed her of her ability to produce eggs and carry a child. Others, such as Jennifer, a labor and delivery nurse, and her husband Ryan, had exhausted funds on countless unsuccessful procedures, to remain childless with no funds to proceed.

We invite you to watch a video of Tera and Gabe. Spoiler Alert: You may need Kleenex!   Click to watch partial video

 HOW YOU CAN DONATE TO BABY QUEST:  Click here to donate with PayPal! If you pay with your PayPal account, you can add a note for the happy couple to read by filling out the “Add a Note” portion of PayPal before you click “Donate Now”.  If you’re paying by credit card, click “Write A Note” before you click “Donate Now”.