I Was Carried By a Surrogate – Words From An 11-Year-Old

Apr 29, 2024


My birthday is this week, and I am about to turn 11.

Each birthday for me is so special, and I know it is beyond special for my Mom and Dad. They struggled for many years to have me, and I know what a blessing I am to them. One of the most important aspects of my life is the fact that I was carried by a surrogate. This experience has shaped my understanding of family, love, and the miracle of life.

Since the day I was born, I knew I came from a surrogate.

Growing up knowing that I was not carried by my mom has made me appreciate the sacrifices and selflessness of others. My surrogate gave me the gift of life, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Some parents choose to tell their kids later on in life about how they were born, but I found out when I was very young. My mom told me I was born by a surrogate the moment I took my first breath of air, but clearly, I don’t remember that. I remember her reading me stories about how her belly was broken, and how she wanted my sister and me so badly. At the time, I don’t think I understood it completely, but now, of course, I do.

My parents have always been so open with me about my story. My Mom gets to help people every day find a surrogate to help them have a baby, which I love so much.

When I found out what happened to my Mom and why she could not carry me I felt sad. I felt awful that she had so many miscarriages and had to go through years of pain. I can’t believe how many people struggle with this every day. I love that families come in so many different ways too, and there are women out there to help in this way.

Knowing there was someone out there being a superhero, made me feel like the community was special.

My Mom always asks me if I feel different that she didn’t carry me.

From my perspective, I don’t at all. My Mom is my Mom – whether she carried me or not. Even though she didn’t carry me, I feel so loved and blessed with my family.

I know who my surrogate is, and I have met her a few times as I have gotten older, but I view her as a friend of my mom’s. She is cool for what she did to help my parents.

Despite not being carried by my Mom, I have never felt any less loved or connected to my family. Love knows no boundaries. It has shown me that miracles can happen in unexpected ways and that every child is a precious gift regardless of how they come into this world.