New and Improved website

Sep 9, 2019

Baby Quest is proud to launch our new and improved website. For those applying for a grant, the site is clear, concise, and user-friendly. And… for those wanting to donate….and we love that…it’s a simple click!

We are excited to share some of the features of the new website:


Our homepage now has the amount of funds awarded, number of grants and number of Baby Quest babies born to date. We are delighted by these numbers and want all to see how the organization is growing! Also, our page is very direct for those wanting to donate or apply for a grant. The testimonials are a great asset to this page.


We just love this page! It not only shows our recipients and their stories but categorizes them by their “infertility issue.”  Those considering applying can search stories that are of interest to them. This page also has a U.S. map that shows where our Baby Quest recipients are located (by state). We believe this will have a big impact for our supporters and new prospects.


It has never been easier to determine if a potential applicant is eligible to receive a grant. There is a checklist for eligibility as well as a detailed section on the application process.  A link to the FAQ page can be found on this page which can further address those burning questions that we often get through emails, phone calls, and social media.


There are many ways to be a supporter of Baby Quest. This page explains how you can donate, attend or host an event, become a corporate sponsor or social media influencer, or even establish a special grant.  We are so appreciative of the many ways our supporters continue to support Baby Quest. They enable us to grow and we want to provide ways in which others can participate to give the gift the life.



We are located in the Pacific time zone….perhaps why no one answers our phone at 6:00 a.m.! We respond almost immediately to emails which is why we’ve established the Contact Us page. Please send us your specific questions and we will respond.


The other pages have been adapted to continue the clean, concise, and modern look of this new website design. It is the perfect design to showcase our partners, events, blog posts and more!

We look forward to utilizing this new and enhanced website and hope you will enjoy it too!

**Special thank you to Eyal with who did an amazing job with the revamping our website!