Partnering with HelpCureHD

Jan 8, 2020


With over 100 grant recipients and 84 babies “produced” from our grant program, Baby Quest wants to remind those trying to create a family that we are “inclusive” in so many ways. Our recipients represent a diverse population with regards to ethnicity, geography, and even what issues caused them to turn to assisted reproduction.

—— Unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, diminished ovarian reserve, low sperm count, blocked or damaged tubes

—– Same sex couples needing ivf and/or gestational surrogacy

—– Singles

—– Those who have battled cancer and may have suffered fertility loss due to chemotherapy

—– Those who want to prevent passing along genetic diseases (needing genetic screening and ivf)

We are proud to join forces with Joe Smith (Houston Astros) and his wife Allie LaForce (TNT Sports Reporter) to help eradicate Huntington’s Disease, an inherited progressive condition affecting nerve cells in the brain. With no existing cure, this power couple has made it their goal to spread awareness of PGD (genetic testing) to eliminate passing along HD to offspring.

Any Baby Quest applicants who need for PGD testing because of HD will be referred to HelpCureHD, the foundation created by Joe and Allie.

Between HelpCureHD and Baby Quest, we hope to reach more of those needing help.