Our Recipients

Audra and John – California

Audra and John met on the red carpet at a television award show they were working, both possessing a background in production.

However, it was their love for helping others that drew them together. Now Audra is a therapist employed at UCLA and John is a coach with Special Olympics.

They were married in 2016. Having children was their shared dream. After one year of trying naturally and two failed IUI’s, Audra needed a laparoscopy to remove a fibroid before IVF.

The couple is now ready to move forward with that dream, thanks to the support of Baby Quest and their reproductive endocrinologist, something they were not sure would be possible.

“Although it feels strange asking for help, you have no idea what an invaluable and moving gift Baby Quest gives to couples. It is not just the financial support to help our family dreams come true; it is also our restoration of hope. We now know we are not alone, and this can be our reality.”