Our Recipients

Bintou – CA

Bintou was born and raised in France, but her family is from Senegal.

She was recently diagnosed as a carrier of the BRCA2 gene which runs in her family and sadly has taken the lives of many women in her family.

Bintou decided to do everything she could to reduce her risk of falling victim to breast/and or ovarian cancer. She underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and will have to remove her ovaries, leaving egg freezing as her only option to preserve her future fertility.

The journey has been tough, complicated by the need for physical therapy, and being on her own.

“When I came to America years ago, without speaking English, having no family and friends, I was hopeful and optimistic about my goals and purpose. Nothing was going to stop me. I was very lucky to find Baby Quest. Thanks to their support, I will be able to freeze my eggs. This is a huge honor and I will always be grateful.”