Our Recipients

Brittney & Quincy – CA

Quincy and Brittney have been together nearly 15 years. They were finally married in 2013 and began trying to start a family immediately. It soon became clear, however, that this wasn’t going to happen on its own.

After 3 miscarriages and several failed IUIs, they tried IVF in 2016, only to suffer the heartbreak of losing all six embryos before Day 5.

“We didn’t want the failed IVF to be the end of our road. We’d hit a dead end for sure, with all of our embryos arresting, but we couldn’t believe that meant we were at the end of our baby story. We wanted to try again, even if it involved going back the way we came, taking a look at the map, and figuring out a new direction.

This Baby Quest grant has given us the opportunity to try again, and to, hopefully, start the family we so desperately want. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Declan arrived on April 29, 2019.