Our Recipients

Chelsia and Brandon – Atlanta, GA

Upon serendipitously meeting on a comedy production set, Brandon and Chelsia began their adventurous journey as a couple in 2013.

On April 16, 2016, Brandon and Chelsia joined each other in marriage amongst the love and support of their families and friends. Throughout their relationship, they built a life that they one day hoped to share with the blessing of having their own family.

After trying to conceive naturally for a year, Chelsia realized her teenage diagnosis of PCOS persisted. Trying multiple rounds of clomid, committing to yoga practice, chiropractic care and detoxifying their lifestyles, achieving pregnancy proved to be a feat that they approached with tenacity and hope.

Brandon and Chelsia decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist and began fertility treatment, taking several rounds of clomid, metformin and dexamethasone.

Because insurance does not cover fertility treatments, Brandon and Chelsia exhausted their resources early on and reached the decision of moving forward with IVF with the support of their doctor. Chelsia found out about the Baby Quest Foundation on an infertility blog post and found a glimpse of light in the foundation’s mission to help couples fulfill their dreams of building families.

With great faith and the generosity of Baby Quest, Brandon and Chelsia will now embark upon the journey of becoming proud parents.