Our Recipients

Diana and Aaron – New York, NY

Diana and Aaron met in a kickball league in NYC. After years of dating, they married in 2013 and were excited to start a family, but their road to parenthood has been challenging.

A month after launching their own fitness business, they were diagnosed with male factor infertility due to the effects of a medical condition (testicular torsion) Aaron had as a teenager.

When years of Western medicine, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle changes did not result in a pregnancy, they saved money for IVF. Two fresh and one frozen cycle resulted in two miscarriages. Additional testing revealed that Diana has a blood clotting issue.

“As fitness trainers, we give so much of ourselves in every class we teach, but now it is time for us to be the ones asking for help to achieve our dream. After multiple rounds of fertility treatment severely depleted our savings, we are so thankful that Baby Quest and Fertile Girl are giving us a chance to move forward with a new treatment plan with the talented team at CCRM NY.”