Our Recipients

Erin & Stephen – CA

Erin and Stephen tried conceiving naturally over 3 years ago until two medical issues put the start of their family on semi-permanent hold. Erin endured an unexplained year-long infertility issue that was resolved only weeks before Stephen was diagnosed with ALL leukemia.

After a 2+ year battle through high dose chemo, total body irradiation and a bone marrow transplant, Stephen is healthy and fully in remission. The incredible financial expenses and medical side effects of Stephen’s treatment made IVF their only option to conceive.

“After two years of fear, tears, and worrying, we felt like we hit the lottery when Stephen found a perfect marrow match and had a successful transplant. Now that we are finally in a place to try to start a family, the Baby Quest grant has us feeling like lotto winners yet again. Cancer has taken much from us, but it has never taken our hope, our fight, or our resolve.

We are indescribably grateful to Baby Quest for reaffirming our optimism and faith, and we consider the grant further evidence to never give up hope.”

Juliette Hope was born on October 17, 2015.