Our Recipients

Jennifer & Ryan – MO

Jennifer and Ryan are far too acquainted with pregnancy loss, including one incident in which Jennifer almost lost her life.

As a pediatric nurse, Jennifer is confronted with caring for babies daily, except not her own.  Following several rounds of IUI’s with early miscarriages, the couple moved on to IVF.  

A second ivf resulted in pregnancy only to end at 20 weeks when Jennifer’s blood pressure rose and she suffered seizures and a pulmonary edema. The baby, named Charlotte,  was stillborn at 20 weeks.

Facing the odds of not being able to carry a child and with the help of a Baby Quest grant, the couple proceeded, using a gestational surrogate, a friend who had generously offered to help.

Several attempts later with no success, the couple turned to adoption and were blessed with a baby girl in September 2018.