Our Recipients

Kelly & Jose – Houston, TX

Kelly and Jose have battled infertility for more than 4 years. With Jose’s career in the military and Kelly’s as a counselor, they have saved to undergo various extensive hormone treatments, IUI, and IVF.

Despite all their efforts, Kelly has endured two miscarriages and suffered from OHSS and PCOS. Jose also suffers from male infertility, reducing their chances to conceive. The couple now faces the cost of another IVF, this time with genetic testing as their best option to conceive.

“My husband and I give all glory to God for the opportunities that He has provided for our family. We would like to give thanks and show appreciation to the Baby Quest Foundation for supporting our family and dreams of becoming parents.

We were overjoyed to hear that we were chosen and are truly grateful – more than words could express.”

Kelly & Jose received a grant and underwent infertility treatment. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. We wish them success in the future as they continue their journey to parenthood.