Our Recipients

Krista & Mike – OH

Krista and Mike have been battling unexplained infertility for 6 years. Throughout their journey they have completed countless fertility treatments, have been pregnant 3 times, and have lost 4 babies due to unexplained miscarriages.

Krista is a labor and delivery nurse which makes her battle extra challenging, but taking care of fertility patients has helped inspire her to keep pushing.

“This journey has been incredibly challenging and heartbreaking, for us, but we live in the saying that ‘when it storms, we will dance in the rain,’ and that has helped us to continue to move forward and keep dancing!”

As their insurance covers nothing and financial options have been exhausted, this grant will give them an opportunity to attempt a frozen embryo transfer and they have some hope to hold onto again!

Emma Hope was born on November 9, 2017. They have now added two more family members from natural pregnancies.