Our Recipients

Margaret and Ramona – Austin, TX

Margaret and Ramona began dating in 2015 and planned to expand their large family (seven fur-babies!) after they wed in 2017.

After meeting with a fertility specialist, Margaret was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. After the heartbreak of four failed IUIs in five months, they decided to increase their chances of conceiving with their limited supply of donor sperm by proceeding with IVF.

While they were financially prepared for the purchase of donor sperm and IUI, they were not prepared for the staggering cost of IVF. They were worried that their hopes of having a human baby would never be realized. As grant recipients, they have renewed hope that this expansion will occur.

What started out as something that they thought would be a straightforward process for a same-sex couple became a much different journey than what they had envisioned. The hope and heartbreak has brought them even closer together and more determined than ever to succeed.

“We thank Baby Quest for being an LGBTQ ally and assisting us in our dream of starting our own family.”