Our Recipients

Melina & David – Greensboro, NC

David and Melina’s story is much like those of the one in eight couples fighting infertility. They thought that at this point in their lives, they would have one or two children to tuck into bed at night. The realization that they were “infertile” was not sudden, but that did not mean they were prepared for it. In the past years, they have experienced the loss of two pregnancies. Nevertheless, their faith and love for life and their families, literature, and travel have sustained them and made them stronger. They will now be afforded the opportunity at an IVF in hopes of bringing a child into their lives.

“It is not that we live gray, passionless lives; in fact, we are blessed! But there is an emptiness in our family of two that only having a child will fill,” wrote Melina in her application.

Melina & David received a grant and underwent infertility treatment. Although it was unsuccessful the first time, they were able to pursue another cycle and are now parents to Lila on July 11, 2017.