Our Recipients

Tiffany & Patrick – CA

After suffering an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago, Tiffany expressed that, “Since that April night in 2014, I have dreamed of the magical moment of seeing that second line on a pregnancy test and screaming with joy and excitement. However, that has yet to happen.”

After testing, it was discovered that Tiffany had suffered damage to her Fallopian tubes from previous medical conditions and the ectopic pregnancy.

Coupled with a new diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), the specialist recommended in vitro fertilization as the best, and possibly only, option to conceive.

Refusing to be silent about infertility, Tiffany has become an outspoken advocate for those suffering from infertility and has encouraged others to break the silence and eliminate the stigma around pregnancy loss.

Tiffany and Pat welcomed Grafton on June 21, 2017.