SeedTrust Escrow Choosing an Impactful Gesture of Gratitude

Nov 12, 2020

Every December, companies deal with the same dilemma… how should we thank our valued customers and clients? Do they really need another gift of candy, nuts, fruit cake, or flowers? This year, SeedTrust Escrow has chosen a new and impactful gesture of gratitude.  In lieu of sending corporate ‘gifts,’ the company has made a $5,000 donation to Baby Quest Foundation. If you’ve worked with SeedTrust Escrow this year, your patronage is helping fund in vitro fertilization using an egg donor for a Florida couple who was selected by Baby Quest as one of their grant recipients. In the spirit of giving, this is so meaningful, lasting, and significant. Thank you to SeedTrust and their agency partners!

Who are Caitlin and Jason?

From Caitlin: “Cancer was the club I never asked to join. It originated as lymph node chains in my neck and chest but aggressively invaded and metastasized, seemingly overnight. This wasn’t supposed to happen to young, otherwise healthy newlyweds. I failed fertility preservation via IVF (due to premature ovarian failure secondary to high-dose chemotherapy) while preparing to undergo a stem cell transplant. Those were hard emotions to keep in check, even for this Nurse! We learned to accept that I’d never become a mother biologically during one of the most physically and mentally demanding challenges of my life. However, we never imagined failing fertility with an egg donor, too. In the story that we told ourselves about how our lives would unfold, we hadn’t left room for the possibility that we would need this type of assistance. The greatest gift to be given is that of transformation. Our hearts and souls are now tied together in a lasting bond; we’re eager to embrace another chance at our dream of parenthood. From the essence of our beings, thank you, Seed Trust and their agency partners! ”