University of California Health Milk Bank Helping New Mothers

Sep 3, 2020

Baby Quest Foundation has teamed up with University of California Health Milk Bank to share some exciting information about how they are helping new mothers and how you can become a donor and become part of this generous effort! 


Why Do We Need Breastmilk?

Donor breastmilk is used primarily for feeding sick, premature, or young infants when their mother does not have sufficient milk supply for their nutritional needs. Sometimes this is just for the first few days as mother builds her supply, but some mothers are too sick or have a health condition that does not permit them to breastmilk feed their newborn.

The benefits of using donor milk instead of infant formula are especially impressive for the very preterm babies under 3 pounds at birth. These infants, when fed only mothers’ milk or donor milk, have greatly reduced rates of infection, serious intestinal complications, and better neurodevelopmental outcomes and even less trips back to the hospital after they go home from the NICU.

Who Donates Breastmilk?

Donors are healthy breastfeeding or pumping mothers who have more milk than they can use to feed their own child. Many of these women are working mothers or a NICU parent who makes abundant milk and have large caches of frozen milk that they do not need.

They give the gift of milk to help other people’s children- so generous!

How are we Helping New Mothers?

With our new web portal donors will be able to engage with other donors through our online community as well as have access to a vast collection of educational materials and local resources to help them with most breastfeeding issues.

How do you become a donor?

For more information or to begin the donation process visit our web portal here. Through this portal donors will be able to complete donor registration and paperwork, access account information schedule blood test and milk drop offs.

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