BabyQuest Foundation Application Tips

Jul 25, 2022



Our IGTV video “Recipients Tell All” will be a huge resource to you! Check it out for the best tips to go for applicant to recipient! –

All about Surrogacy
Ivf and Surrogacy can be daunting learn about how to navigate the issue and how to get a grant –

* Go to and start exploring.
* Review the Applying for a Grant, Eligibility & Process, and FAQs sections so that you have a clear understanding of the organization, the process, and your responsibility.

* Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to address all areas of the application as it may require a few months to complete fully. The medical packet may require that you have certain testing done and/or the physician may require a few weeks to complete the required forms.

* Fill in all areas COMPLETELY. Do not leave anything blank. If anything is missing from the medical packet that your doctor completed, be sure to let them know and have the information added by the doctor.

* Print legibly or type. The application committee must be able to read and understand everything you write.

* Do not be vague; be specific. Know the exact procedure that you are requesting assistance for in this grant. You will have the best chance of moving forward when everything is clear and you are specific about your need and your own contribution.

* Always, Always, Always include an amount that you are contributing. We do expect some contribution.

* Tell your story. Your fertility history should explain your medical procedures, treatments, and testing that has led up to this point in time. Also, include your plan for the future. For your personal story, be sure to show the committee who you are. Explain why they should consider you. Incorporating humor and emotion in this section is encouraged.

* Do not forget your check for the application fee! Make checks payable to: Baby Quest Foundation, Inc. Do NOT send a money order.

* Mail your entire application before the deadline. Send all together and completely. If there is anything missing, you will not be considered. Send as early as possible! Address is listed at the top of the application. Send it out and track through the mail. Do not send submission with a signature required.


* Ask your facility for a discount. This could help lower the cost required for the grant and your contribution which may make you a more desirable applicant.
* Include your specific contribution amount (some sort of contribution is expected to be considered). If circumstances change, please send the update via email to Baby Quest Foundation.
* Do not begin a procedure/treatment before grant recipients are announced if you would like to be considered. Baby Quest Foundation grants will not reimburse and do not pay for procedures that have already begun.
* Make a copy of your paperwork that you submit to Baby Quest Foundation for your own records. This is important!
* Stay positive but also realistic. Some recipients have applied 1, 2 or even 3 times and have received the grant. Currently, there is a 2 time maximum. Some applicants have done the same and have not received the grant. Baby Quest receives hundreds of applications and is limited by the funds that are donated. Please know that, as much as they want to fund all who apply, this is NOT possible.
* Understand that the process to review (after the deadline) typically takes 4-6 weeks. You will be notified of the outcome once the process has completed.