Granting financial assistance for infertility treatments…. fulfilling dreams….building families…

Since 2012, Baby Quest Foundation, a 501 c (3) charity, has been one of the country’s leaders in awarding grants for assisted reproduction, funding treatment from in vitro fertilization (IVF) to gestational surrogacy.

Each year, more than 7.3 million Americans seek help for infertility. Their frustration is intensified when confronted with the high cost of treatment, often not covered by insurance. Baby Quest is proud to have given out more than $2.35 million to those in need of funding for assisted reproduction. The organization has helped produce 126 babies and counting. Grant recipients, spread throughout the United States, represent diversity in ethnicity and sexual orientation. Baby Quest has also helped those needing IVF to eliminate passing along diseases such as Tay Sachs and cystic fibrosis. 

Although Baby Quest relies on donations from individuals and other foundations, one of our primary goals for 2022 is to encourage more companies to become partners, allowing us to help more recipients become parents.


In our Baby Quest Media Kit (attached) we have included several ways in which a company can offer support –  whether it be establishing a Giving Hope Grant in the name of the company, making a monthly donation or a one-time contribution. A partnership on any level affords you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact– a perfect way to demonstrate how your company values philanthropy and social awareness. 

Since Baby Quest is active on social media, we frequently highlight companies that support our recipients. One example is our partnership with SeedTrust Escrow who chose to “sponsor” a grant recipient, helping a Buffalo, NY couple have a baby girl via egg donation and IVF. A second couple in Pennsylvania will soon become parents, again thanks to SeedTrust and their willingness to create this “life changing” opportunity for a grant recipient. Others such as Abundant Beginnings Surrogacy and Brides for a Cause have also joined in our mission to build families. 

With various ways to contribute as outlined on Page 13 in the attached Media Kit, I hope you will respond “yes” to indicate your willingness to learn more about a partnership. I will be happy to follow up with additional information or a phone call. 

Quite simply, you will be fulfilling the dreams of so many who want to become parents. Thank you.


Pamela Hirsch

Pamela Hirsch

Founder/Baby Quest