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Erin Cummings (“King Richard”) named 2022 Brand Ambassador to Bring Awareness to the Foundation’s Mission


Los Angeles, CA, January xx, 2022 – Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit organization that awards financial assistance to those who cannot afford procedures such as in vitro fertilization, gestational surrogacy, egg freezing, egg and sperm donation, and embryo donation will celebrate their 10th anniversary in March of this year.

Since their inception, they have given 175 grants to those throughout the country. The charity has awarded over $2.35 million dollars in cash and cash equivalents and has helped produce 126 babies and counting.

Baby Quest was born from one young woman’s struggles to have a child. However, her story is far from unique. It is a story shared by one in eight women—most of whom never dreamt that having a baby would be so difficult. With the high costs of assisted reproduction, a solution to infertility is often out of reach, allowing financial need to prevent many from becoming parents.

Co- founder, Pamela Hirsch said, “Baby Quest has grown one grant, one IVF, one new baby at a time. More than anything, our grant program offers hope to many who feel lost. Only with community support can we continue to offer this hope to more recipients each grant cycle.” 

Erin Cummings has firsthand knowledge of infertility and what perspective parents go through on their journeys to have a family. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2016, two months after her wedding to actor Tom Degnan. Upon completion of treatment and a year of unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, it was determined that the effects of chemotherapy rendered her unable to carry a pregnancy. 

Thankfully, at the suggestion of Dr Catherine DeUgarte, she froze eggs prior to her treatment, which were used to create and store embryos. In November 2021, Erin and Tom welcomed a healthy baby boy via gestational surrogate. 

“The astronomical costs associated with assisted reproductive technologies, most or all of which are not covered by insurance, add to the already suffocating pain that comes with infertility. There is already a feeling of failure, guilt, shame and anger at not being able to do what seems to come so easily to so many others. That is compounded when the barrier between being a parent and not is money. Baby Quest closes the gap for hopeful parents and is a reminder that it not only takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it takes a village to create one too.”

Cumming’s work as an actress includes her roles in “Good Girls,” “Spartacus,” “The Astronaut Wives Club,” “Madoff” and “The Rookie.”

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