Five Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Doctor

Jul 20, 2017

When it comes to choosing a fertility doctor, the choice can be difficult. To help you with this tough decision, we have identified a five things to consider that will guide you through the process.

Although every situation/case is different, success rates are a great way to narrow down your search in fertility clinics and/or doctors. This information is publicly available for your research through SART (Society for Reproductive Assisted Technology)-

Ask your friends! Infertility affects approximately one in eight women so it is likely you may know of someone who has had experience with a fertility doctor. Reach out and have a conversation to determine if their doctor might be a good fit or at least provide some insight into the process and procedures of that specific clinic.

Does the doctor/clinic accept your insurance (if you are lucky enough to have medical insurance that provides coverage for infertility treatments)? Are there other financial plans in place? Do they offer a “success guaranteed plan” or something similar that will offer a refund if success is not achieved after a given number of attempts?

Go with your gut! If you do not feel comfortable after a consultation, it might not be the right place for you. Remember….there will be a series of appointments and you will be dealing with the ivf coordinator, financial person, and physician for a period of time….sometimes longer than you would like. Make sure you get your questions answered and do not feel “hurried” when you are there. Again, trust your instincts.

For those living in very small or remote cities, there is sometimes a need to seek a specialist in a nearby larger metropolitan area. Remember that this will incur travel so factor these costs into your overall total you need to pay. However, one of the most important factors in ivf success is the use of a good lab and embryologist. Those clinics in larger cities probably use labs that are more technically advanced. Ask the clinic about the lab they use.