Friends Sharing Struggles of Infertility

Mar 28, 2018

It is common how we sometimes grow apart from friends, only to be brought back together by “random” circumstances. Amanda S. and Amanda B. both grew up in  Hawthorne, Nevada.  They shared the same name, participated on the same cheerleading squad, and each  married their high school sweetheart. Both women launched successful careers, but, unbeknownst to one another, they each suffered from the same condition of “infertility.”

It wasn’t until Amanda S. received a Baby Quest grant and shared her story on social media that the two  reconnected after 17 years. Both struggling with infertility, they have encouraged one another and, once again, become cheerleaders against this condition.  Fortunately, this is a battle they have “won.”

Amanda S. delivered the first Baby Quest baby in March 2013. She and her husband became parents of a second boy a few years later…both pregnancies resulting from ivf. Now Amanda B. and her husband, also Baby Quest grant recipients,  will welcome twin girls in June 2018.

Infertility is a condition that touches one in eight women. Do not think you are alone!  Only by talking can you give hope to others.