Leyla Bilali of Fertility Together

Aug 6, 2018

Meet a Baby Quest Friend: Leyla Bilali of Fertility Together! 

Leyla is a fertility nurse and the founder of Fertility Together, a concierge fertility consulting & nursing services business. As a nurse at a large, reputable fertility clinic in NYC Leyla had a front row seat to the fear & uncertainty surrounding fertility treatment. She saw the limitations & at the behest of one her patients she ventured into starting her own business.
Her services include navigating tests, procedures & results with you, at home injection administration, help with selection of donor sperm & more – for a full list check out her website where you can find her blog as well.

What’s unique about her coaching is that she’s simultaneously providing medical care, training, knowledge & experience. So she can administer your injections for you while making you laugh. She can thoroughly explain your test results in laymen’s terms without scaring you with medical jargon & statistics. You can have compassion & endless encouragement alongside great nursing care. Her overall goal is to humanize & personalize the process, as she has a knack for relating to & connecting with people. Her outlook is that infertility doesn’t have to be daunting & lonely. Together you can navigate your unique fertility journey with ease.