The Forever Gift

Jul 30, 2017

A baby shower is a special event – an opportunity to share the blessing of upcoming parenthood with friends. Unfortunately, there are many who yearn for this special occasion, but, for them, the celebration is denied because of infertility. After years of failed attempts, they are desperate to start a family via IVF or surrogacy.  The only obstacle standing between them and a baby is money.

Cheryl and Bill were blessed with the chance to become parents through surrogacy this year. The couple had heard about Baby Quest online and was deeply moved by how the charity helps those struggling to become parents by awarding fertility grants. Actually, they were so touched by Baby Quest they decided to become supporters in a big way!

Although the soon-to-be new parents were fortunate to be able to provide what they needed for their child, family and friends wanted to shower them with gifts to celebrate the new arrival. So, Cheryl and Bill decided they would request donations be made to Baby Quest in lieu of gifts. They wanted to help support an organization that would, in turn, provide another family with the opportunity to become parents.

How did they do this?  The couple’s special friend, Joy, worked with Baby 

Quest to make this happen. In their baby shower invitation, the couple asked friends and family to make donations to this wonderful non-profit organization. Baby Quest provided a special digital link to a donation page that the couple sent to their friends and family (sharing via email and on Facebook).  The generous act of kindness from Cheryl and Bill and the kindhearted donations from friends and family were a huge success, raising over $2500 for Baby Quest Foundation to award to a future recipient.

A special thank you to Cheryl & Bill, Joy, and all supporters of Baby Quest for this Forever Gift.

Hosting a Shower or Providing a Forever Gift for the Baby Quest Foundation could change someone’s life and make the dream of having a family come true. (Click HERE to learn more about Hosting a Shower for the Baby Quest Foundation)